Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Discipline in You

The joy of who you are is captured in every breath you take as long as you are willing to accept every part of you. Often there are times when we are not able to fully accept what is because of some fear or limiting belief that things need to look a certain way and when they don't we become locked down in a place of lack and limitation.

The Discipline In YOU that force of knowing that all things are perfect right where you are will guide you in releasing those kinds of thoughts that hold you back from truly stepping into the magnificence of who you are.

It takes a practice of willingness to see beyond the limited view you may have in any moment so that the bigger picture of abundance and prosperity in every area of your life will become the playing field you participate on.

You can teach yourself through the practice of seeing the positive opportunity in everything that comes befor e to stay in the flow of life. When you do The Discipline In YOU will become the path you take to live the dream in your heart.

To live each moment of your life in the full expression of who you are is the perfect statement of letting the world know that you are here to bring your unique gift and talent so that you can share your dynamic brilliance in all you do.

No matter what the appearances are that you think you see the real kaleidoscope of life is a mural of divine expression that is a beautiful transmission of what life can always look like.

The Discipline In YOU will bring about an openness to see the day in new and powerful ways. It will give you the momentum you need to carry your vision and align your purpose with the calling of your heart.

To have the flow of life be your transportation to your dream you must approach it with The Discipline In YOU being that place you can tap into for the insights and intuition needed to manifest that d ream. You are the wisdom thinker and the dreamer go out today and capture and walk the perfect path to having it all.

"To have the blessings of harmonic alignment with your dream you have to be aware that it is The Discipline In YOU that will get you there and the courage to follow your heart."

I AM fully expressing my divine gift powerfully
I see and hear my calling as I open MY heart to infinite possibility
I AM a perfect expression of absolute abundance and prosperity
In this moment I know all is in divine right order
I have the discipline to co-create all my desires
I am in harmony and alignment as I walk the path to transformation and change

It's your day...MAKE IT A GREAT ONE!


Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Short Conversation

Do you begin your day in a loving way? Do you look inside and see the beautiful expression of divine intelligence that you are and allow the magnetic wisdom of the creative expression that is seeking to emerge from you a place to begin the days journey.

What are you saying to yourself in this moment? Are you loving, caring, kind, supportive and nurturing to yourself. Is the conversation that immediately starts upon awakening one of absolute belief in the truth about who you are which is magnificence, brilliance, excellence and genius.

Can you see the power that you hold as you learn how to direct your thoughts in ways that bring you into harmony with the calling your heart. Sometimes all it takes is A SHORT CONVERSATION to remind yourself about all the awesomeness and pure potential of who you are. You can shift your thought so that what shows up as your mental picture of how you want your day to be is a masterpiece.

Creating the flow of your day has a rhythm to it. It is like a sweet melody that floats above a harmonic and seamless structure that acts in unison and oneness. The pattern of the inner workings of your heart, mind, body and spirit will always be fluid and effortless when you stay on course with the vision that you have created as the roadmap to your destiny.

Your destiny is calling you and all you need to do is to get on the path and stay in action as you move towards it. Having the ability to be aware and awake will always allow you the opportunity to course correct any journey. Sometimes all it takes is A SHORT CONVERSATION with yourself reminding yourself of just how wonderful you are.

We all need a personal rallying cry at some time so having the gift of being able do that will shift you back into receiving all the blessings that will continue to keep your momentum moving forward as you seek that which is seeking you. The universe is calling for you to step into your greatness.

"Listening to your inner dialogue with a keen and clear sense of awareness will create an outer reality that is in harmony with your heart."