One of the main reasons people don't succeed in 
sales is because they are in too many different 
sales businesses at the same time. 

Knowing what you truly want and matching it with personal
discipline is the formula for achievement. When Stephen
Covey talks about "starting with the end in mind," he's
talking about being clear about your desires. When we talk
about written goals, we're talking about strong desires.
When you know what you truly want, and go after it with
discipline and determination, the results are astounding.


Enjoy the short 3 minute movie, Pulling Together, that shares how to cultivate trust, respect, unity and power within any team through Lessons from Geese.
"A group becomes a team when each member is sure enough of himself and his contribution to praise the skills of the others."
~Norman Shidle


People have come to expect, due to others embellishment of their success in network marketing, that network marketing is either a bomb or an overnight success. That’s hardly the truth. In consideration of the fact that many people will come, the people that become successful and stick with it will be people who are peace with these facts and suggestions and live their lives accordingly. This article was written based on information contained in an article “I’m In” in On-Line Magazine by Jonathon Schwartz, who at the age of 14 is the youngest network marketer and one with a large national network.

1. Make a total commitment to leadership for at least one year. Whether a total commitment for you is five hours a week or forty hours a week, stick with it for at least twelve full months.

2. Sell yourself first, then the product, and then the payment plan. Remember, nobody is going to work with you unless they first feel comfortable working with you.

3. Spend 90% of your business time with recruits, customers and prospects. These are the areas that make network marketing what it is today.

4. Present our products and earning opportunity to at least one person per day. If you only have half an hour to spend on your business, spend that time calling a new prospect. By the time your downline is so big you need more than a half an hour a day to do all of your work, you’ll be earning enough to take off more than a half an hour a day.

5. Let everyone know that you are in leadership. Advertise to everyone. The best way to do this subtly is by asking people you meet, ”So, what do you do for a living?” They will most likely tell you their occupation and then ask you the same question. You now have another lead.

6. Duplicate yourself in all of new reps you sign on. Do this by telling and showing them exactly what you do, then have them follow the process.

7. Motivate your downline every month by offering recognition, money, or prizes to the rep who sells the most. Inexpensive books about network marketing or sales make excellent prizes.

8. Mingle with top reps and ask how they made it. Free advice should always be appreciated and accepted with open arms.

9. Be persistent. Only one of twenty people you approach may get serious about leadership or sales.

10. Lead by example. Never stop selling, recruiting, or training. If your downline sees that you’re able to do something, they will do it, too.

11. Keep it simple. The best marketing strategies are those that your downline can easily copy and implement for themselves. The best network marketing companies have a marketing system that anyone can easily copy and implement for themselves.

12. Keep in touch with your downline and upline. Send out a monthly newsletter, make monthly calls, hold monthly meetings, send out monthly postcards, and always send out important information immediately.

13. When meeting with a prospect, conduct brief, simple, yet interesting presentations. Prospects become annoyed if a presentation is too long, too boring, or sleazy.

14. Listen 80% of the time, talk 20% of the time.

15. Concentrate on what you can do for your downline and customers, not on your own profits. By concerning yourself with others, your profits will rise on their own.

16. Give customers more than they expect. Everybody loves a free gift – “What goes around comes around.”

17. Don’t accept “no” as a final answer. “No” usually means “not now”. The vast majority of prospects will not sign up the first time you contact them. Be sure to follow up at least every 30 days with new information or another reason to join your company.

18. Speak enthusiastically about your business and products. If you aren’t enthused about them, then surely no one else will be, either.

19. Work on top priority projects that produce the most return. Nonetheless, always leave time for the less important things that are important in keeping your organization running smoothly.

20. Build your list of contacts daily while you build your reputation. The more reputable and well-known you become, the more your organization will grow.

21. Approach former top distributors. They are open. Often top distributors are looking for a new/better company to work with. If you contact them during their search, you’ll have an excellent prospect.

22. Fit the needs of a prospect with the benefits of your product and/or leadership. Remember, a rep does not force his/her product or the leadership opportunity onto a prospect – they accommodate their prospect’s needs.

23. Organize your files so that you can locate any piece of information immediately. You never know when a prospect will ask you about something you’ve filed away.

24. Use a quality answering machine or voice mail service with a professional greeting and return all calls within 24 hours. If you make a prospect wait too long, they will lose interest or select another offer.

25. Set daily, weekly, and yearly goals and commit them to writing. Remember that goals are simply dreams with deadlines, so do what is necessary to fulfill them.

26. Do not pass rumors upline or downline. Stop all rumors by going straight to the source and finding out the facts.

27. Listen to cassette tapes, read books, and watch videos made by network marketing superstars. It’s always necessary to be improving your skills.

28. Subscribe to network marketing magazines. While the information may not be as detailed as that in a book, magazines can offer valuable ideas and information.

29. Expand your organization nationwide. Think big, act big, and pretty soon, your income will be big.

30. Tell others, especially prospects, what they are interested in hearing, not what you think they should know. What you may think is the best aspect of a commission plan may not be what the prospect is looking for.

31. Spend money on things that will make you more money. Many things such as books and magazine subscriptions may not seem as though they will help increase your profits. Think again.

32. Schedule important tasks for the time of day at which you perform your best. For me that’s about 10 am.

33. Be sure to put a portion of your profits back into the business. By investing nearly $200 in advertising, your return could be ten times your investment.

34. Know that if others can do it (an we can), so can you. Most of the time there is nothing to hold you back except yourself. Let yourself go and achieve your full potential.

35. Give yourself a reward for reaching goals and a penalty for falling short.

36. Have a lot of fun in your business! This will give others another reason for joining you.

37. Write an outline of what you are going to say when you call a prospect. Be sure to include the key words and concepts you want to convey.

38. Write yourself a 30-second commercial. Include information about you, Avon, and why your opportunity is the best one available.

39. Sell the steak, not the sizzle. Prospects become annoyed if you add too much spice and sizzle to your presentation. Present the facts in a positive way, but don’t go overboard.

40. Decide today that you are going to succeed. Do whatever you need to do to succeed, and never let yourself think for one moment that you won’t.

41. Make a plant today. Decide how much time and money you are going to invest, how many reps and how much profit you want in a certain time period. Follow your plan.

42. Get the right tools for your business: a fax machine, an answering machine or service, voice mail, three-way calling, business cards, and stationery.

43. Start at your own pace. If you want to start out small, start small. Grow as you want to grow, but don’t put it off.

44. Know your product, company, and payment plan inside-out. Make sure there is no question a prospect can ask you that you can’t answer.

45. Ask your prospect what they are looking for in a business opportunity, and shape your presentation to fill their individual needs.

46. Sort out your prospects. Spend less time with the prospect who is not as motivated as others, and spend more time shaping motivated prospects into leaders.

47. Network marketing does not end when the sale is made. Work with your downline. Keep in mind that their success is your success.

48. Keep good relations with everyone you meet. A distributor in another company may be no good to you now, but who knows where he/she may be in the future.

49. Go for it! Do it now!

50. Don’t let anything stand in your way. You can be anything you want to be if you do your best to get there!

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