Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Hello! I wanted to let you know about this month's Candle of the Month fragrance. Check it out below! If you would like to order, please contact me by replying back to this message or order directly from my Web site: http://www.bellabymargarita.scent-team.com/shop/home.php
Candle of the Month Notice

Fragrance: Honey Bee Vanilla 16oz Jar
Stock Number: 241
Description: Golden honey and creamy vanilla blend together for this soft, sweet & sensuous scent


Hello Everyone:

I'm hoping that eveyone is having an awesome day and will also have an awesome Easter weekend. The reason for this notice is I wanted to let you know of our awesome new fragrance of the month.

I will be starting to do this on a monthly basis. With my new e-zines. If you'd like to sample these new fragrances monthly, just shoot me an email and on the subject line put "I WANT TO EXPERIENCE THIS SAMPLE!"

And I'll make sure to have this sent out with our 2 signature scents from our company. If anyone would like more info on our company, compensation plan or our NEW product line, pls feel free to email me, or call me.

[NOTE: If you do decide to call pls lv your name, ph. # and the best time to reach you so we don't have to play phone tag ☺ ]

P.S.S. Make sure you click on our companies monthly newsletters. when you click on the links make sure you click on December's newsletters and go to pg.41 this is a lil bit about me and how I started....

Looking forward in working with you all.

To Your Wealth, Health and Success !!!!
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If you would like to read more news about what is going on with Scent-Sations, Inc. & Mia Bella's Gourmet Products, check out the monthly company newsletters: http://www.bellabymargarita.scent-team.com/company/newsletters.php

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