Sunday, October 18, 2009

Flood Your Awareness

There are choices we an make that support and guide us in empowering ways towards the goals we set for ourselves. I find that when we open our hearts and minds to things that inspire us we start to create new ways of thinking, new habits that transform us and a whole new way of how we show up in out life. Wouldn't it be wonderful to do one new thing a day that creates a sense of wonder within? How cool would it be to discover new ways to freshen up an old paradigm that has kept you stuck in "your way of doing things"

Imagine that if you let your mind just go for it and think thoughts that would open you up to a whole new world of possibility rather than censor yourself in beliefs that things are impossible how much you could create by just saying yes and going for it. When you Flood Your Awareness with uplifting and empowering thoughts and materials what you get is new ways of being and old habits just fall away as life begins to take on a new picture of what's really possible.

Imagine yourself as a painter and you are starting your day with a blank canvas. You look at the canvas and you begin to imagine what it is you want to create. You start to Flood Your Awareness with thoughts and ideas that only you can create. You are the brush and the brush stroke. You are the paint and the colors. You are one with the force inside of you that is calling out to you to begin to paint the picture you have inside and bring it forth. You are creating the visible from the invisible. You have total freedom to create anything you can think of. This is your life.

There is no thing in between you and your piece of art except the thoughts that you are creating as you begin to express them on the canvas. This is how LIFE is. You get to decide what you want it to look like. You get to pick the ways in which you want to look at it. You get to say what it will be and choose what actions are necessary to get to where you want to go. Begin each day with an attitude of gratitude that you have all you need to be all you want to be as youFlood Your Awareness with thoughts of success that bring you closer and closer to the passion in your heart. Enjoy the journey because the ride will be authentic and amazing.

"When you remember that what you remember has an impact on how you will be you will begin to remember everything that empowers and inspires you rather than thoughts that hold you back and your journey will become fresh with imagine and brilliance...just remember what that feels like."

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