Sunday, November 22, 2009

Have An Open Heart

The magic of LIFE begins with an open Heart. Where do you see yourself being able to have more compassion? How do you allow yourself the blessings of forgiveness to be present in your life every day. What can you do to serve a higher purpose in life? These are all great questions as you continue to take a look within yourself and see the divine essence of who you really are. To Have An Open Heart is always the first place we must begin our journey from. Can you allow yourself the opportunity of expressing your true self in all you do? Do you hold back your feelings because of some imaginary thought that causes you to forget your authentic self? LIFE is meant to be lived from a place of acceptance and awareness. Today make sure you practice these qualities as you give yourself permission to Have An Open Heart for all to see.

Deep within our being is a place so pure that no thing can ever disturb the tranquility and peace that is always present. In this very moment you have the capacity to connect with that place and begin anew and see yourself for all the magnificence that you are. You are the life force that energetically shapes and decides how you want to choose to show up in the world. Whenever their is a disturbance of your heart their is a feeling tone of disease that accompanies the disturbance. Your heart is the center of your being and we sometimes tend to protect it from the pain and fear of being hurt. Rather than live life this way Have An Open Heart for all to see and live with a love for all. This will insure you that your heart will always be ready to receive the love that pours forth to you as well as giving the love you are born with to share. The key to your LIFE starts in your heart be brave and bold and live authentically and give your heart in all you do.

"To Have an Open Heart is to Honor Everyone Authentically as you recognizes the truth about their beauty and beingness"

I see light in all the eyes I look into
I know that I AM blessed
I open my heart to give and receive love
I AM a magnet for joy
I accept my authenticity
I AM a divine expression of Spirits Creation
I AM what my heart calls me to be

It's your day....MAKE IT A GREAT ONE!

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