Sunday, March 7, 2010

Breadth of Thought

The power of your thought will carry you purposefully towards the destination you desire. Behind every thought is a vision, part of the dream you have for yourself and in that vision there is a an action to be taken.

No matter what you may think, the awareness that lives within you is always seeking its perfect expression encouraging you to keep waking up to your brilliance so that what is seeking you will have a clear and unbridled path to manifestation.

Are you ready for your life to look like you always wanted it to? Do you know that you hold the key to how your gift gets expressed? Will you stay in the present moment as you see the infinite possibility for your life?

The BREADTH OF THOUGHT that holds your attention will carry your intention. The action you take on those thoughts will lead you to having the life you desire.

Make sure the thoughts you hold are creatively backed by the courage of self-expression. You are the magnificent steward of your dreams. The excellence in you is waiting to be shared in all you do so that what you bring as your unique gift and talent is given freely.

There can be no holding back of the amazing and extraordinary presence of who you are. In every moment of your day there is a path that is open for you to take that will bring to you all the resources needed to be the change you want to see.

Being in harmonic alignment with the calling in your heart will give you the permission to think big and bold. No matter what things may look like or appear to be there is always a perfect opportunity to grow and transform.

The BREADTH OF THOUGHT you hold for yourself is heard around the world because the choice you have made to express the divine inspiration you are will release the ;brilliance that is calling you.

Your feeling tone of infinite and abundant consciousness is a most magnificent gift and presence of who you are. Keep on giving that gift.

"The perfect expression of who you are begins with the thoughts that you hold for yourself...hold big, bold and positive ones so that all of LIFE will rush to you in ways that are magical."

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