Sunday, June 20, 2010

Name That Gender

I thought I would do a lil twist and humor today. ENJOY!!!

Name That Gender

Many languages refer to everyday objects as either male or
female. Wouldn’t English be more interesting and versatile
if we did, too? These suggestions are from the Washington
Post, which asked readers to assign a gender to nouns of
their choice and explain their reason.

The best submissions:

SWISS ARMY KNIFE: Male, because even though it appears
useful for a wide variety of work, it spends most of its
time just opening bottles.

KIDNEYS: Female, because they always go to the bathroom in

HOT AIR BALLOON: Male, because to get it to go anywhere you
have to light a fire under it...and, of course, there's the
hot air part.

SPONGES: Female, because they are soft and squeezable and
retain water.

SHOE: Male, because it is usually unpolished, with its
tongue hanging out.

COPIER: Female, because once turned off, it takes a while
to warm up. Because it is an effective reproductive device
when the right buttons are pushed. Because it can wreak
havoc when the wrong buttons are pushed.

ZIPLOC BAGS: Male, because they hold everything in, but you
can always see right through them.

WEB PAGE: Female, because it is always getting hit on.

SUBWAY: Male, because it uses the same old lines to pick
people up.

HAMMER: Male, because it hasn't evolved much over the last
5,000 years, but it's handy to have around.

REMOTE CONTROL: Female...Ha! thought I'd say male.
But consider, it gives a man pleasure, he'd be lost without
it, and while he doesn't always know the right buttons to
push, he keeps trying.


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