Sunday, July 4, 2010

Step into Your Freedom

Imagine your day being one of absolute perfection as all you do you do in a state of effortless creation. Imagine always being connected to your heart centered calling which is the one thing that speaks louder to you about who you really are than any other thing that is present in any moment of your day. This state of mind is always available to you when you begin to start thinking in ways that bring you in perfect harmony with the infinite wisdom and divine intelligence that is your constant companion in all you do.

Begin your day everyday in ways that invite you to "Step Into YOUR Freedom" by letting go of the old idea of YOU and embrace the new idea that is emerging. Believe in your ability to have it all. Know that right where you are YOU get to decide which path to travel on. To have this freedom all you need to do is create the space for it to move into form by capturing the flow of life that is your vehicle to growth and transformation.

You are free to have all the gifts in your life that will bring you love, joy, peace and harmony. And as you receive these gifts you are then free to share them with others.

How magnificent your life is. The excellence and genius of who you are is always being brought forth in all you do. Even when you may not be able to see it. The extraordinary peresence of who you are is being activated in all you do with ease and grace. This activation is backed by a perfect knowingness that your life is blessed.

You have a power in you that is so alive and awake it becomes intoxicating as you create the realization of your dreams. The key to living a life that is passionately grounded in expressing your unique gift and talent is stepping into your calling by claiming your journey as one of unlimited inspiration.

You have a fertile and infinite imagination whose time is now to bring to the world the brilliance of YOU. Plant in your garden of LIFE all those things that you want to see grow abundantly and commit to giving yourself permission to "Step Into YOUR Freedom" as you free your mind to broadcast the perfect creation known as Y OU.

"When you see yourself as all the magnificence YOU truly are the world sees it too."

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