Saturday, December 27, 2008


Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas.....
I want to thank eveyone that sent me a card,postcards and e-cards.....I am sending blessing to each and everyone of you and for everyone else that could not but your spirits I did recieve your love and care and well wishes.......
The reason why I'm writing is becaseu pls be on the look out if you get a letter in the mail that has your name but a "foreign address" you may want to throw it out and never look back.......
I want to warn you that this is a scam....I did some investigating and well I'll just send you the links and it will be self explanitory .... O.k I recieved a check that was for $3,977.29.....I though that was weird..... anyways, I called the number and it had a full voice mail box....then I thought o.k maybe becasue of the holidays..but it ws still eating at me so I looked up the company name of the check and it was this right below
Dallas, TX

and also found this other stuff:
this is the address that was'll see what I'm talking about:
ok this following report was from the fax #
The only difference w/ mie is that the check is from the ppl above and it was signed by a M.R "something " not readable they signed like a dr.
anyways just wanted to give you all a heads up,


Margarita I Cruz-Amaro

Mia Bella Distributer

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