Sunday, December 20, 2009


Letting go of all that doesn't serve you anymore sometimes can be fearful. That's because we are so used to living life in a certain way that we become habitized in our thinking causing us to believe that what we think is the only way to be. This is absolutely not the way it is.

Great discoveries never came about without having a willingness to step out of the box we might be in and becoming willing to try something new on and to see how it fits. This new paradigm shift might feel uncomfortable at first but it is when we challenge ourselves to go from the uncomfortable to the comfortable that real change occurs.

Rather than compromise your desire to become more of who you are by accepting mediocrity make the only decision that will create a new consciousness for you...say yes to all of life and chart a new course that is big, bold, and exciting. Become enthusiastic at what lays ahead as you SURRENDER to what is seeking to emerge in you.

Don't question the process question that which is holding you back. Release and let go and enjoy the ride. SURRENDER. Some of us might think that means giving up on something. Some of us might thing that is giving up on ourselves. That is not what SURRENDER is.

We are not at war with ourselves or anyone. We are here to express the magnificence and brilliance of who we are in the most powerful way possible. So SURRENDER here means giving into the majestic excellence of who you really are. You are the perfect expression of divine wisdom and intelligence.

You are on a path that is lined with infinite opportunities that are calling out to you every step of the way. This journey known as your life is in perfect harmony with the universe. Once you embrace the truth that there is abundance and prosperity all around you then you effortlessly step into a place of supreme consciousness attuned to your surroundings as you awaken you to the real truth about who you are.

You become more aligned with the calling of your heart as you embrace your passion with confidence. We all have a purpose that is much bigger than who we think we are so SURRENDER to that vision and release your rainbow of creation and create the life you desire. It's up to you, Nows the time to claim your destiny.

"It is in the surrendering of one's sense of needing to know that allows us to be open to what we need to know."

I AM a perfect expression of magnificent love
I AM a perfect expression of magnificent joy
I AM a perfect expression of magnificent harmony
I Am awakened to the heart space of pure potential
Deep inside of me
I know my purpose is a gift to the planet
I open my soul to receive all the light
That guides my way this magnificent day.

It's your day...MAKE IT A GREAT ONE!

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