Sunday, December 27, 2009

What Have You Been Saying NO To?

WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN SAYING NO TO? Do you immediately discount something before you have even gone within and checked with your heart to see if what is trying to emerge is in fact something that will serve you and the highest good of all? Is NO a force of habit and since change is not the easiest concept to embrace you automatically assume the NO position as a means of avoiding conflict and therefore perhaps miss a great opportunity to allow something other than the little small voice within you to speak louder than the real truth of who you are.

When you allow assumptions to make choices for you those choices are not centered in the absolute divine wisdom and intelligence that is always looking to support you. You could be missing out on the greatest discovery of all by simply immediately saying no to something. If you would just give yourself the freedom to say yes even though the yes would mean taking a leap of faith a whole new way of seeing and living your life could emerge.

There is a perfect and magnificent order to the universe that always governs our every decision and will always move us in the perfect direction towards our intended desire. In order for this infinite intelligence to operate through us we must be open to possibilities that sometimes may look and seem uncomfortable. You wouldn't know they were uncomfortable though unless you gave yourself permission to feel the feelings and emotions that come with exploring new experiences in your life.

WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN SAYING NO TO is a powerful question you must always ask yourself. It will keep fully aware and present to the present moment. Keep stretching yourself in ways that are unfamiliar so that you can become more familiar to the awesome genius inside of you.

Unleash the brilliance that is part of your DNA in every way so that each d ay is an awesome journey. Never give up on something because it doesn't look like you think it should. NO is a powerful word use it wisely and when you do the mighty power of the sacred yes will guide you to a destination that is always unconditionally in harmony with the calling of your heart.

"Believing the first thing that appears in the garden of your mind may not always be the truth...ask great questions so that you may get great answers and feel into the consciousness of everything is possible."

I AM in perfect harmony with the wisdom of my soul
I listen to the infinite essence of divine intelligence with an open heart
I know that the perfect yes that guides my vision will always serve my highest good
In times of challenge I AM open to the opportunities presented
I see clearly because I have certainty of mind
I AM a perfect expression of absolute perfection

It's your day...MAKE IT A GREAT ONE!

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