Sunday, January 24, 2010

Beyond the Comfort Zone

Do you realize that it takes just as much effort to maintain and sustain a certain way of being that keeps you in your comfort zone as it would to create a whole new paradigm and expression of who you are? Where do you put out such an effort so that you can protect yourself from some imagined idea that something is going to happen to you that may not result in the outcome you want?

Don't you know that there is only that which you make up in your mind as "THE STORY" that can hold you back from manifesting the dream within you which is your real story? The air of infinite possibility is always circling around you. All you need to do is to breathe it in and know with deep certainty that all is perfect right where you are.

The road to discover more and more of who you are lies just BEYOND THE COMFORT ZONE that perhaps you have settled into because it feels safe. It's time to break free from the mediocrity existence that has a hold on you and step into the perfect and dynamic expression of your true authentic self.

Every day in every way you are invited by the infinite intelligence of the universe to join the party in your honor. The gift of the party is you get to become more and more of the real person you are. That person is one of extraordinary genius, pure potential, remarkable skill-sets, unique gifts and talents, superb ideas of creativity, magnificent insights of unconditional love, unlimited possibilities, the perfect idea that when expressed powerfully can and will change the very consciousness of this planet.

When you decide to go BEYOND THE COMFORT ZONE you have been living in the vibration that comes from you will become so infectious that people will want to have what you have. Release all judgment today of what you think you need to look like and just get in the flow of life and let the current of creation swallow you up in its harmonious melody of joy.

You are one of a kind, this is your time. Claim it and open up to the new world of possibility that is welcoming you to come and play and receive success throughout your day.

"In every thought there is a seed of genius allow it to grow by giving it the space to play in the playground of infinite possibility of your mind and reveal its brilliance."

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