Sunday, January 17, 2010

Prepare Your Way

The activity of your mind is a powerful thing. It can bring light to your day, guiding you on your journey as you seek those things that bring you the success you desire. It also bring chaos to your day if what you put into it is filled by negativity, fear, doubt and worry.

Living by limiting beliefs can cause you to give up on yourself and to give in to your ego which is always working to keep you in check and stuck in a place of mediocrity. That's not who you really are.

All the goodness and infinite wisdom of divine intelligence is right where you are encouraging you to begin your journey each day knowing that all is in perfect harmony and the universe as your friend is seeking to give you all you need to move in the direction of what you are seeking.

Living from the confidence of anything is possible will cre ate a mindset that opens up your entire being to just what can happen when you say yes to the calling within you.

PREPARE YOUR WAY each day by feeding yourself those kinds of things that only uplift and empower you on your path towards co-creating the most excellent day.

It only takes a little shift each day in how you look at your life to bring about the desired results that you are seeking. Today begin to see that no matter what you may be thinking there is always a choice that you can make that will change the course of your destiny. Give in to the creative impulse and desire that speaks to you in loving ways encouraging you to live from the awesomeness of who you are.

Let go of all things that hold you back and that keep you in a state of uncertainty. Release yourself into the great and magnificent field of pure potential that you are. Seize the day by seizing every opportunity that comes your way that brings with it the chance to grow and transform.

Allow only good thoughts, positive vibrations, higher consciousness, loving attitudes and recognition of your unique gift and tale nt to have their way with you. It is when you do this that you absolutely will PREPARE YOUR WAY for all the success in every are of your life to come forth.

Let the magical mystery tour of your life surprise you in every moment as you chart a course of discovery of your true and authentic self.

"It is by saying yes to the vision you hold in your heart that a shift in consciousness happens and you step into the harmony of authentic expression that is seeking to express itself in every moment of your day."

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