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Mia Bella Info... for those considering joining

Mia Bella Facts

How much it is to join Mia Bella?
When you are on the enrollment page, you will have 3 start up options to choose from. For the basic starter pack (the cheapest start up option), it is $49.95 plus tax and shipping. After that, you will be enrolled into the Candle of the Month Program, which entitles you to purchase your products at true wholesale pricing (50% or better discount on most items)! Your Candle of the Month package is only $39.95 per month, and always includes products in a BRAND NEW scent just released by the company.

What is the Candle Of The Month?
The COTM is where you get a shipment of new candle scents to your home every month. It includes the following:

1 16oz jar candle

12 votives

1 bella bar

Your own company website


2 16oz jar candles

1 bella bath bar

Your own company website

What is the commission?

You will earn 50% or better on most retail sales. If you choose to build a team by sponsoring others into the program you will earn 10% of the commissionable sales volume of all of the distributors that you personally sponsor, then 5% - 10% on the commissionable volume of the other levels, up to 8 levels deep!

Do you have different start up packages?

We sure do! There are 3 Start up packages that you can choose from. Regardless of which start up package that you choose, your monthly requirement after that is just your $39.95 COTM package. You will receive your start up package of your choice in the month that you enroll, and you will get your 1st COTM package on the month following your enrollment on the date that you choose when you enroll.

The packages are down below...

1. Basic Starter Package... $49.95 + tax & shipping

1 16oz jar candle6 votives1 foaming hand wash

1 Bella Bath Bar1 package of 50 catalogs

Your own company website is also included!

2. Sample Pack...$169.90 + shipping

(12) 16oz. Jar Candles

(6) Bella Bars

(1) Foaming Handwash

(1) Bella Balm

(3) Car Air Fresheners

(1) Apple Pie

Your own company website is also included!

3. Fast Start Pack... 399.90 + shipping (valued over $850)

(6) 16oz. Jar Candles

(1) Sample Bag containing

(80+) 1/2oz. sample scents

(1) Mixed Dozen Bella Bars

(2) Foaming Hand Wash

(1) Bella Balm Sample Pack

(Qty 52)(2) Bella Balm

(1) Box of Cinnamon Bella Buns

(Qty 16)(16) Bella Cinnamon Bun Boxes

(1) Cherry Pie

(1) Apple Pie

(1) Pumpkin Pie

(1) Key Lime Pie

(1) Strawberry Cream Pie

(1) Chocolate Dream Pie

(3) Car Fresheners

(1) Pack of Catalogs (Qty 50)

(1) Pack of Presentation Brochures (Qty 50)

(1) Mia Bella Logo Pin

(1) Scent Simmer Pot

(2) Packages of Mia Melts

(2) 6 Packs of Votives

your own company website included

When will I be billed for my first Candle of the Month Package?

After you have purchased your start-up package you will only be billed for the COTM each month after that. Your 1st Candle of the month package will not be billed until the month following your enrollment.

For example... if you sign up in January, then your first candle of the month package will bill and ship in February on the day of the month that you chose when you enrolled.

Do you have direct deposit?

We sure do! If you would like direct deposit there is a document you can download from the backoffice after you've enrolled.

Are there any quotas?

Not at all! You run your business at your own pace.

Do you need a credit or debt card?

Yes you will need a credit or debt card in order to sign up. They will keep your card on record and they will automatically bill it each month either on the 1st or the 10th for your Candle of the Month package. You choose which day when you sign up.

Can I sign up for free?

You sure can! But the Associate Program is a unique program which entitles members to purchase candles and other products at a discount but you will pay approximately 30% more for your product than Candle of the Month Program members do.

You will earn @ 20% on most items, rather than the 50% or better that COTM members enjoy. With this program, you will not be on the Candle of The Month autoship program, so nothing will bill and ship automatically each month, but you will earn considerably less for your efforts.

Associate program members can receive a 5% commission on the sales activities of any distributor they personally sponsor into either the Candle of The Month or Associate program. The website is not included with the Associate program, but can be purchased for a monthly fee of $14.95 per month effective January 1st, 2009.

for actual pics of what our packs look like here is a link:

I look forward in working with you

Do you have questions that aren't answered here?? Feel free to ask! We're happy to help.

Margarita I Cruz-Amaro
Distributor-Diamond Team Ldr.
Coach & Mentor

630-965-9716 / 630-844-9716
TO SHOP: http://www.shopathomewithmiabella.com/

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