Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Team Call tonight with the VP! My Team and guests interested in getting started, are welcome!

Please join our team call TONIGHT at 8:30 pm Eastern time. We will
have the Vice President of the company on the line, and you will be able
to learn a lot about this great opportunity. Try to make it team if you can!

Invite the people that you know who might be interested in getting started as well. It'll be another great call! Our team call will be opened by K.Carpenter and then the call will be passed on to our amazing VP, Charlie Umphred. After Charlie finishes speaking, he
will open the call up for Q&A~

Here is your chance to have your questions answered by the VP of the company!If you are even slightly curious about Mia Bella Candles, and can fit 8:30 pm Eastern into your schedule, you will find it time well invested to be on this call.

Here's the call info:

Hosts:K. Carpenter, and Charlie Umphred- VP of Scent-Sations, Inc.
Day&Time:Tuesday Night 1/27/09 :
TONIGHT!!at 8:30 pm Eastern time

Call number:1 (712) 338-8100

Talk to you then!
Dianond Team Leader
Business Coach & Mentor

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Military Momz said...

Hope you had a great teleconference. Heard there was some great info.